Auditing and Gap Analysis

Compliance Audits

Stowe Engineering performs legal compliance audits using Nimonik, EHS compliance auditing software. A complete list of legal obligations is established specific to your operation and records verified against applicable EHS legal requirements (Federal, Provincial and Municipal). All regulations are maintained and up-to-date.

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Management System Auditing

Stowe Engineering has helped many organizations prepare for certification to ISO 14001- Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Some clients utilize our experience to prepare for management reviews and internal audit support as well. Doug is also well-versed in ISO 9001, not only in Quality management, but in specific process improvement tools like Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Designed Experiments. With his technical equipment/process background he often provides recommendations for efficiency improvements. Doug is a RABQSA trained lead auditor, certified to ISO 19011-2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems.

Safety Project Support

Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews, Machine Guarding, and Equipment Safety

As legislated in Ontario for Industrial Establishments, PHSRs ensure equipment is installed to meet the regulatory requirements with adequate safety controls. Interlocked controls, safety level, chemical exposure, facility infrastructure, and human interfaces are all considered.
Some clients request guarding design, or Design Safety Reviews to assess the equipment design before it is finalized. Scope is often expanded in reviews to consider Section 25 of the OH&S Act, considering the duties of employers. All installations are verified against CSA Z432 - Safeguarding of Machinery - and CSA 13857 - Safety of Machinery - Safety Distances.

Risk Assessments

The risk assessment forms the foundation of due diligence; the goal is to identify the
controls in relation to the hazard or impact, and reduce the residual risk to an acceptable level.
This is a legal requirement under the Act (and the Canada Labour Code - Federal), establishing a safety program plan (Hazard Prevention Program - CLC-II), and prioritizing strategies for improvement.
"What if…?" or HAZOP sessions may be facilitated.

Safety Inspections

Inspections are part of any audit program. Whether you want an inspection as part of a PHSR, internal audit or just a second opinion on your regular JHSC work place inspection. With years of experience in various settings, we review facility operations, equipment machine guarding, ISO management system programs and chemical storage areas, just to name a few.

Safety and Environmental Sustaining Programs

Chemical Management Programs

Consider all aspects of managing chemicals, including purchasing, Safety Data Sheets, toxicological properties and chemical storage room requirements. Storage and transfer systems including bulk transfers and safe operating procedures.

National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Reporting

Looking at annual usage rates and processes used, determine the federal reporting requirements. While the provincial Toxic Substance Reduction Program was phased out, as a previously Certified Planner and a Chemical Engineer, I can perform a review of chemical processes to determine where optimization and/or reductions can be made.

Air Permits & AERMOD Dispersion Modelling

Following Ontario Ministry requirements for Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) or Environmental Activity and Sector Registrations (EASR), provide air permit applications using Ministry-approved dispersion modelling software from Lakes Environmental. Acoustic Assessment Reports (AAR) are also coordinated.

Hazardous Waste Management

Knowledgeable on waste generation processes and collection, we're able to asses the hazardous waste process from start to finish. This includes waste classification, storage, shipping and meeting all provincial online RPRA requirements. Waste labelling and shipping classifications are also reviewed.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Review design process parameters and treatment options. Provide feedback on potential improvements and safe work practices. Knowledgeable on monitoring, coagulation and neutralization methods.

Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)

Ensure the JHSC is operating effectively to support workers and business operations. Provide specialty presentations on: (i) X-ray safety (ii) workplace inspection tips (iii) coordination/interpretation of industrial hygiene reports and studies.

Lock Out Tag Out

Assess the lock out tag out program and equipment. Verify the effectiveness and recommend improvements to a site-wide [program.

Designated Substance Programs

Review designated substance programs looking at the risk of exposure to workers. Assess worker exposure-potential and determine the level of training
and monitoring required.

Accident Investigation and Corrective Action Programs

Ensure accidents/incidents are assessed appropriately. Add to risk assessment matrix and process controls.

Emergency Response Plans

Provide a formal strategy for dealing with Safety and Environmental accidents or emergencies
This includes fire evacuation drills, spill response plans, and critical emergency scenarios.

EHS Training

Assessing and supporting design of your 'Training Needs' matrix, defining training programs, courses and the workers who need to be trained.
Provide training programs, specific to your operations, for chemical safety, X-ray safety, confined spaces and environmental awareness, as examples.


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